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Table of Contents with Sample Chapters

Sample chapters are highlighted and linked to .pdf files.

Part I: Transcending the Game
Chapter 1 - Society's Breakthrough: Overview
Chapter 2 - The Founding of True Democracy
Chapter 3 - The Problem: We Are Caught in the Game
Chapter 4 - Overcoming the Tragedy of the Commons

Part II: Necessary Understandings
Chapter 5 - Choice-creating and Dynamic Facilitation
Chapter 6 - The Wisdom Council and Whole-system Resonance
Chapter 7 - The Citizens Amendment
Chapter 8 - Models of Change / Levels of Thinking  -- article adaptation

Part III: Managing Change
Chapter 9 - Power and Control (Level 1 Change)
Chapter 10 - Reshaping the System (Level 2 Change)
Chapter 11 - Creating Shared Vision (Level 3 Change)

Part IV: Transforming Society (Level 4 Change)
Chapter 12 - "Turning On" Our System  -- article adaptation
Chapter 13 - Choosing to BE
Chapter 14 - Changing Our Mythology

Part V: Going Forward
Chapter 15 - The New Common Sense

Appendix A - Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix B - Experiments and Inquiries
Appendix C - How to Make a Decision Without Really Making a Decision by Tom Atlee