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Web TV Shows: The Jim Rough Show

These shows are largely from a TV interview program since 1999. They are arranged into different channels

... SocietysBreakthroughA guest host, often an expert in the field, interviews Jim Rough on Society's usually : Overcoming Society's Crisis, We the People of Earth, Is this the Holy Grail?, etc.

... IssuesToSolve — A guest host, often an expert in the field, interviews Jim Rough on how Society's Breakthrough will affect the key issues of Terrorism, Religion, Climate Change, Health care, and more.

... StrategiesForSociety — Jim Rough interviews experts as they describe various different strategies for transforming society, including the Citizen Inititative Review with Ned Crosby and Pat Benn, the Corporate Monitoring Project with Mark Latham, Citizen Deliberation with John Gastil, Non Violent Communication with Jorge Rubio, etc.

... WCexperiments — Some experiments with the Wisdom Council process are depicted.

... DynamicFacilitation — These shows discuss various topics in the emerging field of Dynamic Facilitation and Choice-creating.

... WiseDemocracy — Most of the videos are accessible here

See the example below ... Overcoming Society's Crisis with Dan Shaw

Online Videos by Veoh.com