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How could anyone seriously suggest that it is possible to transform national and global society in short order by enacting a U.S. Constitutional Amendment, especially one that seems completely innocuous, like it would do nothing? ... How could anyone expect that the resulting shift would solve the most pressing issues in our society today? ... How could anyone suggest that enacting this Amendment (or something like it) is ESSENTIAL for our society because our System is terminal without it?" ...  And since enacting an Amendment is so difficult how can this Amendment be expected to really happen?"

It's been eight years since Society's Breakthrough was published. Many experiments have been done with the idea presented in this book ... in cities, corporations, schools, coops, and conferences. In the book it's called the "Citizens Amendment" but now it's called " the Wise Democracy Amendment". It's one of five Wise Democracy innovations including choice-creating, Dynamic Facilitation, the Wisdom Council Process, and the Creative Insight Council. Check out the nonprofit organization, The Center for Wise Democracy, which promotes experiments with these ideas by governments and citizen groups.